• Length of the course is more than 3,000m
  • The riders will start in a gentle bend where the road goes up in a bend,
  • Near the pits they turn into the field for the first time over the bicycle bridge.
  • Here they drive through the forest again to the VIP tent, but now in the opposite direction as previous years!
  • They are spinning again at the VIP tent and this year they will return to the pits via the field. This is a change from previous years.
  • After the pits, they drive to the big tree to make an extra large loop there before turning and heading back to the VIP tent.
  • They then drive towards the Onderstal, but instead of via the road they will now continue to drive via the verge.
  • When the riders come out of the Onderstal, they turn left over the new cycle path and go up towards the Haviksberg.
  • Then cross the Scheldeweg to drive on top of the Uilenberg along the edge on the Scheldeweg side towards the stairs.
  • However, you now first drive past the stairs and then drive down steeply.
  • Make a big turn and then go up the famous staircase ‘Stairway to Heaven’.
  • They drive a short distance on top of the Uilenberg (just like at WB2018) and then drive diagonally down the slope.
  • Here they turn onto the Scheldeweg.
  • Now they pass the start again to finish further on.